Wednesday, October 27, 2010

For this relief?

Bone deep tiredness has overtaken not only me but also the rest of the school; at least the teaching part of it. We are indeed ready for the extra day off next week on Monday.

As befits my advanced age I have attempted to get an injection against flu. This is not as easy as one might think as the times for injections are times when I am in work. Luckily (though that is a strange use of the word) as I have a few early starts in school I am able to aggregate that time and leave early on Friday last period. If I am quick I should be able to leave school and make it for my appointment for the injection. Just. It will be a suitably breathless start to a long weekend.

My swimming continues, although I am still unable to work out the correct etiquette for claiming or sharing a swimming lane in the pool. Two lanes I have discovered are for “up” and “down” respectively and are as frustrating as one would imagine as some “swimmers” refuse to allow one (me) to push past and take a little less time to complete a length than some limb flailing ineptitude generally accomplishes.

The lanes on either side of the pool seems to be for the “lurking” swimmers who hog the end of the pool and do nothing but gently bob up and down and look daggers at anyone who attempts to swim.

The other lanes appear to be for bona fide swimmers who actually attempt to complete lengths. They sometimes have a flamboyant single swimmer in them using a style of propulsion in which flailing limbs attempt to take up as much of the width of the lane as possible. If one (me) has the temerity to try and share the lane there is usually a silent struggle for territory which usually results in an uneasy truce with resentful passing of combatants with the real possibility of damage from a trailing leg.

At the moment the outdoor pool is still open for hardy children and other of a masochistic tendency. As autumn inevitably progresses into winter there will be more concentration on the indoor pool and the struggle for swimming room will increase to the point of intolerability.

This is for the mediumly distant future, while the extra day of the weekend is in the reasonably immediate prospect.

Perhaps I can catch up on my sleep debt.
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