Sunday, October 31, 2010

Stop all the clocks!

The putting back of the clocks is a time of considerable stress.

Not only for those unfortunates who forget and find themselves an hour out for an uncomfortable day but also for those of us with what might be described as a plenitude of time pieces.

My latest watch is one without a central knurled knob to change the hour. Instead this function is done by the pressing of various buttons in combinations which I have completely forgotten. I will now discover if my placing of all instructions in the same box has actually been something which I have kept to. My plan was to put each new set of instructions in an A4 envelope of their own and place all the envelopes in a box which, while it might be consulted infrequently, would contain everything necessary for a calm technological life.

Computers are the worst. When you get a new program you often find a disc, an instruction book; guarantee cards; repair centre lists; special offers and sometimes leads all packed together. These are now in their own A4 envelope waiting for disaster to drive me to consult the arcane words of the instruction booklet to find salvation.

I hope.

Meanwhile I think that I will wear another from my extensive collection of wrist associated chronographs which is easier to adjust than my present choice.

Today has been a varied day in terms of the weather with periods of bright sunshine alternating with overcast conditions. It is, however, still warm.

The arrival of The Family gave me a chance to get into an open shop and buy something to go with Toni’s birthday gift of an internet radio: a Wi-Fi pair of headphones.

As usual (as you would expect from gadgets) I already have a pair of Wi-Fi headphones but they have suffered the vicissitudes of normal wear and tear and have fallen off my head when I have forgotten that they were there and they are now intermittently effective. They have given good service and I suppose that I should be grateful that they have lasted as long as they have.

I tried to make the pair I bought work after a couple of hours and then read that they should have been on charge for at least 15 hours. I hope that my impetuosity has not done terrible things to the batteries. Given the parlous state of the supply of the material necessary to make the bloody batteries we really do have to take care of what we have got!

Toni is still not well; which is a worry. Hopefully he will be fully restored for the “Holiday” tomorrow and the sun will shine.

At least Barça won, and against a team like Seville which means that one of the big games is out of the way and the trail is still awaiting for Real Madrid.

I really never thought that I would either know about such things or be even tangentially interested in them. Times change!

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