Thursday, May 22, 2014

Justice and my bond!

I am not one usually given to the base feelings of envy, but today I have to admit that I was consumed with it.

My emergency doctor gave me a prescription for my cough, cold, sore throat etc which comprised one measly, tiny pill and a huge lozenge of Paracetemol.  Which I took and which did nothing at all to relieve my symptoms.  Today, Toni went to our normal doctor and was given the lozenge and two (count them, two) puffers to deal with his symptoms which bear an uncanny resemblance to mine.  Where I ask you, is the fairness in that!  Toni’s sore throat improved immediately on application of said puffers while my throat remains as rosily red and hurting as it ever was.  I demand equality and more puffers!

I have, however convinced myself that my course of ‘treatment’ is more in keeping with a sort of Protestant/Puritan delayed gratification approach which is more in keeping with what I sometimes think my character demands.  I shall solider on in quite articulate misery.

When I asked Toni to provide the subject matter for the next poem he immediately replied, ‘Bronchitis’ and then gave an impromptu rendition of a haiku on the subject which perhaps was more of a Ginsburg approach to that delicate poetic form than that of a Zen Master.  I have taken Toni up on this though and am working on something which, albeit obliquely, is related to illness.  I am only at the notes stages at the moment, but I am happy with one or two images and they can be the stimulation that I need to get the thing done.

Our tutor group forum is silent as the grave and I do not think that there are going to be any stirrings until the EMA date has been passed when there will be the usual expressions of relief, followed by thanks to the tutor and students and then the desultory enquiries about what courses are going to be taken next.  I tend to think that I might be alone in my progressing onto the Modern Art History module – which will be slightly strange as there have been a few people who have done the last three courses with me.  Now the parting of the ways.

I am typing this on the third floor and I can hear Toni coughing down stairs – perhaps the puffers have not been quite as efficacious as I thought.

I would like all and sundry to recognize that I have been for a swim conscientiously during my ‘illness’ and I want credit for that!
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