Friday, May 30, 2014

And, breathe!

Humanity can breathe a sigh of relief – life, as we know it can continue.  Toni has passed the present set examinations and is now free to breathe again for what is now officially The Summer.  God knows it makes my life easier as well, as the thought of coping with re-sits is something I cannot contemplate with any degree of anything approaching equanimity.  But he passed and passed well.  Thank god there was only a week between the examinations and the results!

            My course has also ended, but I have to wait until ‘mid to late July’ for my results.  At present the forums are filling up with students writing their ‘Dear All’ posts, thanking everybody they have ever written to and looking forward with increasing trepidation to the rest of the courses they have to do.  As the Creative Writing Course that I have just completed was a Level 2 course, most of my fellow students will be going on to Level 3 courses – the equivalent of third year university studies and doing a couple of courses to complete their degrees.  I have arranged it so that my last two years will be filled with the history of art.  The first year (starting next October) Art in the Twentieth Century and then in October 2015 – when, incidentally I will start drawing my State Pension – I will complete my degree with a course in Renaissance Art.  I think.  But computations in how you Build Up Your Credits are way beyond my simplistic approach to mathematics and so I may be wrong about how much longer it is going to take me, but when all is said and done, who cares?  It can take as long as it likes as far as I am concerned as I am doing it for my own satisfaction and not for some work related necessity.

            To celebrate Toni’s success we went to La Rincon de Lola and had an excellent four course Menu del Dia with wine and a glass of Cava at a price I will not write down so as not to irritate readers who are not from Spain.  The weather however has been awful, even allowing for some brief glimpses of the sun, it has been quite unlike it should be at this time of the year and totally unacceptable.

            I am determined in the next course that I will make use of the Facebook page which is devoted to the subject I have chosen.  To this end I have revived my presence on Facebook and am trying my best to come to terms with how it works.  Unenthusiastically, at the moment – but I am sure that I will be filled with the excitement of new social media before long.

            Meanwhile, I will content myself with waiting for a more conventional media to come my way.  On a casual basis I decided to take a book list that came my way a few hours ago seriously and have ordered all the art books on it, plus a few extras.  I really must sort my books out this summer.  At last.  Or not.  At this rate the months from now until October are going to be too few to pack in the reading I will have to do even before the course starts!
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