Thursday, February 13, 2014

Paucity of pills

It is surely a sign of age when the major delight of the morning is the doctor telling you that you can take two fewer pills each day!  One must take one’s triumphs where one can find them.  And two pills are two pills – even if one of them is a minute dose of Aspirin.
            The doctor was virtually bubbling with delight and he drooled over my latest blood test results and my next appointment is sometime in the middle of summer.  This meant that my consequent swim was swum with a lighter heart and a more relaxed series of strokes than previously!  The trick is obviously carrying on carrying on.
            The swim segued almost effortlessly into an appointment with the dentist who polished the rough edge of a tooth in a couple of minutes for which he was paid €20.  This was part 1 of my treatment as plaque removal took place later in the afternoon which took €55.  Sixty quid and not even a filling to show for it!
            A doctor’s appointment; two dentist appointments and a swim all in one day – something only possible because I am freed from the tyranny of a weekly educational timetable.  One of the greatest delights about Life After School is the flexibility it gives to Get Things Done – even (or perhaps especially) if they are the less pleasant, yet essential mechanics of keeping alive!  The spaciousness of a day which is your own cannot be under-estimated – I even manage to get some recreational reading done as well.
The writing part of my existence is not quite a well developed.  I spent today changing single words and then changing them back again to what I had originally written.  Tomorrow I will draft out the second part of my assignment and then consider it done.  I want to move on from what has been a challenging and sobering piece of work and then reassess my future assignment prospects in the light of the response of the tutor.  Who would have thought that I would be so tentative concerning something which should be a undisputed strength?  Such is the power of education when you are on the other side!

The evening, out for tapas with bread, wine and potatoes, and thus undoing all the good work of denial during the rest of the week.  Still, there are a few days before the Sunday weigh-in.  I have to keep the trajectory on its downward course.

Well, at least my teeth are squeaky clean at the moment!

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