Friday, February 28, 2014


I have been to the swimming pool three times today.  And not swum a single length.  I got changed at my usual time and attempted to go to the pool, but was met by a locked door and a notice which I had presumably ignored the day before informing me that the pool would be closed for essential maintenance.
            The rest of the day was taken up with abortive attempts to get the pool to give me a realistic time of when the pool would be open again.  Foolishly, and forgetting what country I was in, I believed the time that they said it would be open.  It was not.
            Neither was the second time that it was supposed to be open and my next visit confirmed that the place would not be open until the next day.  It shows how little I have accepted the way that this country works that I believe that the pool will actually be open tomorrow.
            This means that I have not had my swim today and over the last few days and for lunch tomorrow I will have eaten far too much to be on course for my weight loss.  Ah well, next week is another opportunity to turn from the alluring highways of calorific delight to the austere slog of the mud-heavy winding lanes of cottage cheese deprivation!  I am not looking forward to my weigh-in on Sunday morning.  Action will have to be taken!
            Meanwhile the phoney war of waiting for my results from the last assignment continues.  I have worked out a strategy for the rest of the course, but the strategy does depend on the results of the assignment.  If all goes according to plan then I will probably enjoy the rest of the course.  If there is a problem then there will have to be a radical rethink.
            Whatever, I am looking forward to the rest of the course whatever strategy I have to adopt.  There are only three months of the course left and there is a great deal of work to be gone through before the end!
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