Friday, January 03, 2014

Back on course?

It is always a good thing to have a quest to start the year – mine is to rediscover my waist.  A thing of legend, it is now time for it to be brought back into the land of reality.  There are some doubters who aver that it has been lost forever and that there is something slightly sacrilegious about the mere idea of bringing the fabulous into the quotidian.  But I say that the impossible is always worth the attempt!

            From now until April the Great Attempt will be made and the assessment will be carried out scientifically with measurements being made to ascertain if The Waist has been achieved.

            Meanwhile there is time to ponder on the number of days which have gone by without my taking finger to key to add to the literary depth of the on-going documentation of my responses to living.  Ah well, nothing very serious, merely laziness and disinclination adding to the increased speed of time passing have made the days evaporate with even more speed than usual.  Now back to something like normal.

            The lead up to Christmas and New Year were unremarkable except for their almost complete lack of festive spirit.  After an unremarkable build up, the inevitable anti-climax of the events themselves were not as soul searing as usual and were tolerated with stoic enjoyment!

            The OU course is meandering its way along with a climax approaching with the production of a long short story for assessment, and immanent assessment at that.  Writing the story is the easy(ish) part – it’s the writing of the way in which it was written and the motivation thereof that is the really difficult part.  The backward justification of what I have written with specific reference to the printed materials, tutor’s comments, fellow students responses and past literature – now that is difficult!  But not impossible!  I hope.

            The continuing effort of the past days has been trying to get my music library onto (into?) The Cloud.  This is achieved by paying Apple yet more money to get space on this ineffable entity which should then enable me to access all my music on all my devices.  Needless to say this has not been as easy as it seemed when the charming gentleman in Apple told me how simple it would be.  Being a dyed in the wood Mac user I have a predisposition to believe all the advertising crap that Apple pushes (and I use the word advisedly) to the hapless slaves of the logo.

            The real problem is getting my Mecano tracks into the system.  They are on an old computer with a different operating system which has not been updated for some time.  This is proving to be troublesome to say the least and three or four attempts to make the transfer have signally failed.  We continue to make increasingly inventive attempts to do something positive with increasing desperation and decreasing success.  The story of computer use.

            One can only hope that this load of inconsequentiality will transmogrify into something slightly more significant in the days to come.

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