Thursday, January 30, 2014

The things I do for Knowledge

Amazingly I have already packed my case.  The more cynical among you might say that for a trip that is going to last some 48 hours spread over three days the ‘packing’ element might be, one might say, light.  But this is not to take account of my almost pathological hatred of the whole enterprise.  Packing that is, not necessarily the whole travel thing. 
I keep telling myself that the experience makes it all worthwhile.  Even in that centre of corruption in the quintessential country of corruption.  Home to the disgraced husband of the Infanta and her brood, getting out of Spain because whenever they walk abroad in their home country the general population calls, ‘Chorizo!’ which is the Spanish slang term for ‘Thief’ because, of course there is a large amount of circumstantial evidence (!) which would point to certain irregularities in the financial way that they have lived their high-style lives.  I must stop that sentences otherwise I will get into trouble – both political and grammatical!
So Geneva, home of tarnished Spanish royalty and FIFA.  Funny how disgraceful selfishness and a complete disregard for the finer feelings seem to gravitate towards places like Geneva!
With the exception of the OU, of course, naturally!

I have been frustrated in my attempt to buy another watch.  I know, I know – but this one was something of a bit of bling.  The modern fashion in watch design is to add ceramic to the mix.  The one on which I had my eye was in white ceramic with a mix of steel and around the watch case, sparkling almost diamonds!  Believe me it looked better than it sounds!
I actually saw someone else buying this watch and was immediately taken with it.  But he took the only model that the shop had and so they very kindly offered to get me one.  Today I had a message telling me it was in, and waiting.  With the patience and reserve for which I am justly famous I actually waited until after my swim before I rushed to the shop to claim what I was more than prepared to pay far too much money for.
Seen, liked and bought.  It was as the lady was about to remove a link to make it fit for my slim wrist that I innocently asked the question, “It is waterproof, isn’t it?”  To which the harsh response was in the affirmative with the horrific qualification, “But not for swimming.”  Collapse of stout party. 
I have vowed that I will not go back on the features that I have gained in my last watch purchase and so, with great reluctance, I had to forgo the pleasure of (as Toni might phrase it) ‘wasting’ money.  I have been sulking throughout the day.

We went out to have tapas at our favourite haunt in Castelldefels of La Fusta.  Bitterly disappointing, only the patatas bravas were up to standard, everything else was not what we expected.  If forced us to have an extended conversation about how we would design our new house after winning 57 million euros in one of the many lotteries than Toni, with a faith which ought to move mountains and bring the Spanish political system back from the dysfunctional Swiftian horror fantasy that is our everyday experience, should ensure that the next draw will be the big One for him.  But, alas, it never is.  However, speculation about how my library would look and where to put the second Jacuzzi is always comforting when faced with eating second-rate tapas.
Whatever I think of mildly unacceptable Spanish snacks in one particular restaurant, I can’t but think that the next few days are going to see me think very fondly of that half-baked experience as I sample the delights of Swiss cuisine.
I shall retain an open mind and hope for the best.
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