Monday, September 30, 2013

Cough drink, revise!

A new level of sophistication achieved today when, after a day of coughing and revision we went out to have a few tapas and I had Vermouth with my meal.

I did not realise how hidebound the drinking of the damn thing was until I had made a number of faux pas.  I ate the olive immediately, used my fingers to squeeze out the lemon and then used the cocktail stick to bob my ice cube around to get the right level of coldness.  Toni watched my loutish provincialism with undisguised contempt and, if it wasn’t for the quality of the food, there might only have been one insulting topic of conversation!

I can only put my boorish behaviour down to illness.  I have now coughed my way through a week and a couple of days and Toni has come to the end of his tether and demanded that He phone the doctor!  I lay back and let him attempt to say my name in a suitably Catalan way to the automatic system.  Didn’t work and he was eventually put through to a real human and I had an appointment in little over an hour’s time!

I was seen and dismissed with prescriptions for two “puffers” within two minutes of my appointed time!  I now fully expect to be back to full working order well before I have to heft the pen for my three essays for the final of A151.

In an attempt to get myself well situated for the start of the course on the 5th of this month I have read through the first week’s work and have grasped the exercises that I am expected to do and have done first drafts of all of them, so I will have something to say when the forum for my tutor group is up and running.  Even though I will be in the final days of revision!

My feelings of contempt grow ever stronger in relation to our so-called government.  Rajoy had an interview in America (safely on the other side of the Atlantic) in which a plucky (or ordinary) interviewer asked the be-whiskered buffoon certain questions relating to El Caso Barcenes; the use of illegal money and the destruction of evidence.  His response was much, much less than convincing with his greatest defence being that “nothing could be proved” rather than everything was lies.  The complete tosspot even tried to get his non-answers censored in this country!  And failed.  But nothing happens and everyone in this toxic government acts as if nothing can touch them.  And the sad thing is that they are probably right!

My belief in the concept of “justice” is this country is, you might say, getting more and more attenuated as each day passes and the lousily guilty are allowed to parade themselves on the television screens flaunting their continued freedom.

If justice was allowed to take its course then I think that, from the King downwards a whole layer of the ruling criminal confederacy would be inside.  But nobody expects justice to be done.  Justice is a joke.

However, the sun continues to shine and therefore all is good with the world.

Though the academic future that I was expecting could be modified a little because there are changes to the MA in Art History which is my eventual aim with the OU.  I have sent for information and I will have to work out how the changes in the course will affect my plans for the next few years.

Next weekend I expect to be well enough to go and have our delayed Arabic meal with Irene.

And the middle of next month Andrew is arriving for a long weekend.  Which is enough to concentrate our minds to decide which are the most impressive restaurants to which to take him!  Decisions, decisions!

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