Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Wet and working

When something is worth doing, it is worth doing twice.  Which is my way of saying that I had a swim in the morning and in the evening.  And did revision.  And other things which have slipped my mind.

I have to admit that my swims reduced my coughing to nothing.  Virtually.  And the second swim was during a rather congested time in the pool, so I had to share a lane (never a good thing) with the original swimmer and possessor of the space flinging his arms about with a proprietorial flourish pushing me to an uncomfortable nearness to the floats.  Ironically I thumped him with a trailing arm.  Touch√©!  And I wasn’t even trying, but keeping to my narrow allotted space with scrupulous exactitude. 

You can always tell when you have won the battle of the lanes when our “opponent” is reduced to breaststroke.  This stroke is impossible to restrict to your space unless you adopt a strange vertical stroke which has noting to do with traditional breaststroke and more to do with a sort of elongated doggy-paddle.  Which people do not do.  If you are continuing with your front crawl then any limbs from your companion in the water are fair game for your scything!

Although I am ploughing through the OU books that I have studied, and frankly enjoying what I am reminding myself of, at the same time I feel the almost irresistible lure of the next course and the semi-hysterical students who are using the forums as though the English language is going out of fashion!

I have been reduced to hiding the books of the next course away so that they are technically out of my reach until the real start of the course next month.  And believe you me; this strange compulsion is something which is common to all OU students.  Pity it didn’t happen in the same way in my university.  Though, there again, I cannot pretend that I didn’t have a good time there too, but in a different way I think!

Back to work tomorrow and that involves thinking about the evolution of the modern museum. 

I love it!
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