Wednesday, June 19, 2013

In school alone-ish!

The awful weather yesterday has given way to a bright sunny day today. 


This means that all the school trips planned for today can take place and the “customers” will all be somewhere else, leaving my good self and a selected and choice few in glorious isolation in a virtually empty school. 

Allegedly one of my pupils will take her English exam having pleaded incapacity merely because her arm was broken.  Wimp!  The interesting aspect of this delay is that she deemed herself perfectly capable of doing other exams, it was only with the English one that she felt the necessity of a few more days revision.  The minds of our kiddiewinks are beyond comprehension – thank god!

I was summoned during the day to the Management where the gathered worthies reminded me that I was about to depart (very significant that!) and thanked me effusively for my help during the past months.

The reality is, I am sure, that they will be relatively glad to see me go.  I have done my own thing to a certain extent and rejected the bone rotting excesses of meetings, lunch duty, library duty, playground duty and virtually everything else that has little to do with the actual work of a teacher!  I have gone home when I am not teaching and have generally voiced opinions which classify me as a terminally loose cannon!

Two more days!

An unexpected release this afternoon, as I was encouraged to go after I had put my results into the computer.  This is a sweetener for tomorrow when I am going to be used to cover classes in the Day of Chaos which is the penultimate day of school.  They have made damn sure that I am doing something at the start of the day and at the very end!  Nothing is for nothing!

There is marking that I am supposed to do – but who, but the most fanatical students, is going to hassle me for work when the lure of the summer holidays is uppermost in their minds!

Roll on!

As does the corruption and maladministration in this beleaguered country.

The Royal Family (for whom I have utter contempt) have been implicated in a series of scandals the latest of which concerns the Infanta who was the lucky (one almost might say unique) recipient of a massive error in her favour from the tax people.  It turns out that the “error” is so unlikely that the odds of its actually being an “error” are something like ten billion trillion to one.  We have been told that there is more likelihood of the Infanta being hit by a meteorite than this “error” actually being legitimate.  The repulsive puppet-like nasal idiot who apparently is actually a minister (!) airily keeps repeating the “error” theory in spite of the fact that he has no credibility whatsoever.  And that is because this bunch of shit-smeared chisellers who form our government don’t give a damn about what people think.  They insult our intelligences by their tissue thin “explanations” and as damning fact after damning fact piles up against them they emulate the Blitz mentality and “Keep Calm and Carry On!”  The completely untenable position of the government has gone well beyond the realms of ordinary fantasy and they are now living in some sort of Surrealistic Escher Universe where presumably their pathetic lies can be accepted as truth.  This country does not, it really does not, deserve this crew of self-aggrandizing wasters.  I do not like them.

The opposition are not much better, but compared to the present holders of office they are like unto the driven snow!

The water in the pool has now warmed up so that it is not a heart-stopping experience when skin touches that combination of oxygen and hydrogen lurking beyond the back gate.  I had an invigorating plunge this afternoon to celebrate the “afternoon off” after waiting the customary hour after having a meal in the Maratim.  I experimented a little by trying the ox tail – rich, oily and delicious.  As is usual my meal was excellent and Toni’s mediocre; that’s how the bread crumbles!

A little light tidying, the minimum of preparation for the morrow and perhaps getting the letter for my Financial Advisor ready that he has been asking for (without much success) for some time.  Perhaps one of the last courtesies that the School on the Hill can afford me is to post it off to Wales for me!

Time is running!

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