Friday, June 28, 2013

Grey warmth

A grey start to the day but it got better an there was an opportunity to use the new cushions for the sun bed – the previous version having been condemned through the sheer weight and destructive power of perspiration!  This one at least has removable covers so there is the theoretical possibility of the covers being washed.  Occasionally.  Perhaps.

I am continuing my reading of Patricia Cornwall’s book that postulates that Jack the Ripper was the British painter Walter Sickert!  I have to admit that she is building a convincing case at the moment, but I simply do not want to believe it.  There is much more of the book to go and I don’t like him that much as a painter that I am prepared to ignore unflattering evidence.  Not of course that I would define the quality of a painting by my knowledge of a biography of the artist; but it is tempting!

My OU course continues with much reading about early books and the way that they were produced.  Fascinating with, as usual, the twist that the OU always gives to what appears at first glance to be fairly neutral information!

No news about my Grown Up Camera and I begin to despair.  What I thought was a cheaper alternative to Amazon has turned into a marathon of waiting.  It may have been cheaper than Amazon, but I would have got my camera in a few days and I still have not got it after a few weeks! 

A lesson to be learned there.

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