Saturday, May 04, 2013

A day of difference?

Well, at least there isn’t a class in front of me to prompt me to indulge in a little displace activity typing this time.  No, this time I am looking at the snaking queue of sullen looking travellers as they wait for their flight to board.  And, although I have only just arrived, I can feel the heavy atmosphere of the waiting area of an airport beginning to press in on me and squeeze out the last few drops of enthusiasm that I ever had for air travel.

I have just over an hour to wait before boarding starts and that is dependent on everything being on time.  Which, to be fair to EasyJet, it often is.  But, even if everything goes according to plan I am still going to get into Cardiff at an unwelcoming hour – although I can be assured of a glass of wine from my hosts as soon as I set foot over the threshold!

Toni is getting progressively more paranoid as his examination approaches and I certainly did my bit to boost the paranoia to outright hysteria by “losing” my wallet just before the taxi was supposed to arrive and then compounding the panic by failing to print out the information about the car which I hope is waiting for me in Bristol.

Were Toni an eighteenth century heroine he would now be drinking a cup of weak China tea from his dish and would be dipping his pen in his inkwell to start a long and complicated missive outlining his travails to an eager correspondent who would relish his cross-written account of my antics.  But he isn’t.  So he is probably sitting down, studying assiduously and letting the intricate details of Information Technology sooth the edges of his jagged nerves!

What, actually awaits me in Cardiff I do not know.  The rough outline of what I am going to do in Wales is clear in all its fuzzy detail, and I look forward to the fascinating clarification that actually being there will bring.  Probably.

I think that my expectations from my proposed visit to the Tesco optician are pitched unreasonably high.  What I want is to purchase two pairs of highly expensive specs for a bargain price.  I want someone to suggest another type of contact lens that will actually work with my eyes – and I want it all to be delivered in next to no time.  I think that I have set myself up for disappointment and I am honing my tried-and-tested attitude of world-weary resignation to cope with it all!

I have not contacted Uncle Eric or Aunty Micky and so my visits to them will have to be done in hope and on the hoof.

But it is what is going to happen on Sunday that holds the real interest for me.  Building on my new-found enthusiasm for a doggedly successful Cardiff team (how many recent attempts have they made to get to the Premiership?) I want to see the heroes (whose names I will assuredly learn by Sunday afternoon) and express all the pent-up hopes of a fan who has yet to see an entire Cardiff game!

I truly feel that the effort that I have made to be present at the civic celebrations for the success of The Bluebirds takes my personal take on assertive fraud to a new and hitherto unreached level.  I have set myself a few personal goals (!) for my activity on Sunday which I have no intention of mentioning at this particular moment in time, but even I am eager to see what I will be writing on Monday as I swan my way back to Spain throughout the long length of a full school day!
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