Tuesday, April 16, 2013

You ate what?

Eating one piece of toast during a barbecue still haunts me!  While the rest of The Family was cooking what appeared to be the entire herds of cattle and kilometres of sausage - I ate none of it.  I sat in solitary splendour in a patch of sunlight, reading Hard Times (for revision purposes) and trying to look pathetic.

Didn’t work of course and I even (by example and unnatural brownness) encouraged the white folk of Catalonia to join me and rapidly assume a ruddy complexion which will, I am sure, have developed into pure pain by the next day!  (I am not entirely convinced that the tense in that last sentence makes temporal sense, but what the hell!)

My tummy started playing up on Saturday afternoon and was only proclaimed safe on Monday evening.  This was achieved by my usual recourse of “taking to my bed” and staying there for the best part of a day until the illness was over.  I have a sort of kind of feeling that one day this one-day cure using somnolence as the major active medical element will fail me some time in the near future, but at the moment it is proving to be the most reliable remedy that I know.  And cheap too!

Monday (day) was a careful sort of time only enlivened by the receipt of a twenty-page letter of justification from a recently sacked colleague.  As it is written in Catalan I have had to rely on the pronouncements of others to understand the gist of what he has to say - but it has the potential to cause some unsettled days in our institution.  It appears that he has also sent the letter to parents and kids.  I am sure that is questionable from a purely professional point of view though it does add to the gaiety of nations.  But this looks like s story that can run and run.

Talking of which, that is exactly what I did at lunchtime today when my teaching duties had been done.  The only way I am surviving is to leave school when I am not “needed” – and I only hope that this form of escapism is allowed to continue until I finish in the place.  How many months are there?  Middle of April to middle of May to middle of June and a week extra.  In terms of weeks we are almost down to single figures!  O Joy!

Cardiff City are playing at the moment and all they need is a single point from the game to go up.  I have probably damned them by typing that but, if auguries are confounded and they do actually manage it, then I shall look out my football tie and wear it with pride tomorrow and explain the meaning to inquisitive children.  Please!  I have been saying all year that this time Cardiff is going to do it, please god don’t let me down!  I keep checking periodically with a sinking feeling. 

At the moment it is still 0-0.  And that result will be enough to see us up.  There are ten minutes to go, plus injury time.  I have tried and failed to listen to the radio on my computer and no television was available “in your region” so I have had to rely on the “live” reports which tell me that, pause, it is still 0-0.

And that was what the score remained and with the single point Cardiff are promoted and we are back where we should be.  I demand a Bluebirds tie to wear on the last day of term!

Bring on tomorrow!
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