Friday, April 12, 2013


This weekend is most welcome.  The fatigue hang-over from a mid-week start last week, coupled with the actual teaching has meant that this Friday has been eagerly awaited as it has to administer the soothing salve which makes the next week of work possible.  There has to be a better way to spend my time than this!

The OU Elluminate tutorial session was preceded by total chaos on my part as my iMac refused to load the program to run it!  I was reduced to using the fading battery life on my MacBook Air to join the merry throng.  God knows what was going on there as the iMac has worked well with this program in the past but it added that injection of panic that makes things go better.  Sometimes.

How much use the tutorial was is debateable, but it was a sort of valedictory session for the course as we wished each other well in our future studies.  It was quite moving in a strangely distanced sort of way; who, after all, are these people with whom I have been exchanging messages for the last twenty weeks?  Our relationship has been of the oddest and most selective sort and will have to start all over again next month with the next course.  I suspect that I may find the same students on that course too.  I will have to wait and see.

This weekend is devoted to revision and a visit to Terrassa for lunch.  And I hope a little light start-gazing on the Third Floor!
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