Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Only Tuesday!

After two days of rain (almost) the sun has reasserted its primacy and come back to the benighted lands of Catalonia and restored my faith in my present location.

These moments to finger my keyboard have been snatched at the fag end of the lunch hour before my double class with the equivalent of Year 9 for Media Studies.

The only way in which this unreasonable amount of continuous time at the end of the day can be justified is by my splitting the class into two with the second part held in the computer room where the hapless pupils can do some research.

Today I launch into Maslow’s Needs which will be illustrated by the kids using the Internet to find an advert example to fit each.  I imagine that I am going to be running around like a thing possessed attending to the linguistic needs of my pupils as they attempt to match words and illustration!

Which is what happened – but it’s better than teaching in a classroom for two solid periods in the afternoon!

Calling in to a supermarket on the way home I signally failed to find a small carafe but I have bought a rather tasteful small, glass jug which will serve the same purpose.  I hope.

Today has been tiring and unsettling as the bloody alarm did not go off and I stole an extra fifteen minutes in bed – for which I paid by cutting my chin while shaving in a hasty way trying to make up lost time.

So today bed betimes in the hope that tomorrow will not be so exhausting.
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