Sunday, April 10, 2011

All Praise to Ra

A hard day preparing for Gran Canaria.

That is lying in the sun so that the rays on the island by Africa will not come as a shock to my skin.  I take preparation for the holiday seriously!

As a concession to the crisis and general economic situation a single case is being taken and, indeed, is being packed even as I type.  Obviously not by me.  The idea of packing with more than a week to go to the actual holiday is something so outrĂ© that it doesn’t even make it into the area of ideas which I reject!

I have bought a new cabin case to fit in with the Stalinist requirements of Ryanair with whom we are travelling.  The large case, which is also new, has a clothing allowance of just 15 kilos: it is just as well that we are going to a hot place with a beach because anything colder and more formal would have necessitated a ruinous extra charge for more weight.
One only chooses Ryanair through necessity not preference.  Compared with that airline EasyJet looks like the luxury option!

Disturbingly, my prone preparation for Gran Canaria was a little unsettled by the realization that the Third Floor of the next house was also occupied.  Not only occupied but smoking!  It was fortuitous that my disgruntled departure was accompanied by the sinking of the sun!

Tomorrow sees the start of Week “Unbelievable” 13 of The Term That Would Not End.  Neither pupils nor teachers have any enthusiasm left for this final barrier to partial relief.  The two weeks Easter holidays sacrosanct in Britain is here truncated to a cruel seven working days and we will be back (surely not the nations cry) working in school a fortnight on Wednesday.  God, it seems even more horrific when you actually say it!

Still, we come back on the 27th of April and we finish at the end of June.  The kids will have finished before then on the 20th of June.  Then July and August gloriously free of kids, school and teachers!

We talk not of September.  And there is always a chance that I will not be invited back to teach in the next academic year.  One lives in hope!
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