Monday, January 31, 2011

A horror passed!

You can judge a meeting by its most exciting moment.

In the meeting that lasted over two hours that started when school finished the most exciting moment was when I sneezed twice.

The true low point occurred when, after hours of speaking, someone rose to explain a new and exciting initiative involving our pupils in some way.  It was a new and exciting way to use the computer system in the school.  Which then, of course, failed to work.  The program did not load; the password did not fit; three people got up and attempted to help; the password failed again; and again; and again; and they tried to reload again; and again; and again.  And I kept thinking that I had started today by getting up at 6.30 am and that the time was now 7.30 pm and people were behaving as if I actually cared if their bloody system worked or not.  My only thought was to get out and go home.

Which I eventually did in the pouring rain: the pathetic fallacy at its most irritating worst.

The only thing guaranteed to get me back to some semblance of normality was superior junk food.  So we went to Rober’s for our double buns.  The first spicy beef burger with accompaniments went well; it was when I went to get the second that the problems started. 

I was negotiating a swing door when the plastic glass of red wine which was perched precariously on my tray started to slip, closely followed by the can of Coke for Toni.  I saved the Coke but the wine fell and splashed on quite a respectable swathe of floor at the feet of a table of startled Iberians.

I apologised at once and then, to make light of the situation, said that such wine throwing was a tradition in my country.  They looked deadly serious and obviously took me at my word.  They left almost immediately.

The evening is almost over and I think that an early night is called for to compensate for the horror of the meeting. 

Perhaps oblivion will soothe the memory!

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