Sunday, November 07, 2010

Sunday Swanning

The War: Part II

The criminals have now tried to make their destruction of the pavement post look less obvious by filling in the hole that they have created by their wrenching the post out of its cemented position. They have used the detritus comprising the semi-set cement and other rubbish on the pavement to make their gaping guilt less obvious.

I shall take another photograph.

The other post (which previously disappeared in the Great Destruction) is also looking less than secure. It would appear that “they” are systematically loosening it, presumably prior to its clandestine removal. At present there is, illegally, a motorcycle parked on the pavement next to it.

I shall take another photograph.

It is now a whole day since the crime was reported and I am eager for the forces of retribution to sweep down on the obviously guilty (allegedly) and meet out recondite punishment; preferably with my watching. With any reasonable luck I might be allowed to wield the salvaged metal post to add a touch of irony to the penalty!

On a more domestic level there is a move afoot to re-arrange the living room. This will necessitate the purchase of some low level piece of furniture to house the video etc and provide a stand for the television.

While, in principle I approve of the periodic unsettling of comfortable surroundings, I am keenly aware that this project will necessitate another visit to IKEA which, while in itself no bad thing, will provide another opportunity to test one’s patience as entire families lay an obstacle course of cunningly placed bodies designed to delay and infuriate a “normal” person’s progress along the serpentine course which the store forces on the impatient purchaser.

Lunch was a triumph directly related to the failed attempt to go to IKEA. This store, in spite of its stated opening hours in the catalogue, was firmly shut today. A depressing visit to local shops and being amazed at astonishing prices for obvious rubbish disguised as furniture did take us near to an alternative hotel in the centre of the town. Alternative in the sense that we can only accommodate two people at a time so any further visitors have to establish themselves in a hotel in the vicinity.

The hotel of choice up until now has been the BCN Events which is situated at one end of the Olympic Canal and is near a large shopping centre, but a healthy walk from the centre of the town.

The Flora Park Hotel is virtually in the centre and we decided, as we were near and frustrated with the quality of merchandise that we had been offered, to try the restaurant.

A triumph! As well as a selection of tapas to whet our appetites and a decent bottle of wine the main dishes were excellent. I had arroz con bacalao followed by a zarzuela of fish. The choice of homemade cake was a little prosaic but the coffee and digestive more than compensated for it. At a total cost of €20 per person it was good enough to consider for future events. We will have to try it in the evening, or possibly try a weekday menu del dia.

The cost of the accommodation was (today) about €60 a night with breakfast: quite acceptable and given the food more than reasonable!

The new hair shaver has been tried and tested. It replaces a machine which didn’t cut so much as tear hair out of the skull while making a sound like the Second Coming. The present replacement is a much more civilized alternative – as indeed it should be given its price.

I am now shorn which probably presages a disastrous change in the summery weather that we have been enjoying recently to something which will prepare me more nearly to what I can expect on my upcoming jaunt to the UK in late November.

The hair cutter has been a greater success than the waterproof mp3 player which should attach to my swimming goggles and give me music as I swim.

My previous attempt to appreciate arpeggios during a serene swim saw me wearing a sort of “blue box” on the back of my head with sensors were pressed against the sides of my forehead. The idea was that the music would be transmitted through the bones of the skull while the head was under water. And this did work to a certain extent, though it has to be said that it worked best with the unsubtle music of pop rather than with the greater dynamic demands of classical music.

The present system uses conventional ear pieces and I would like to say that I had tested it but, up to the present I have been totally unable to load any music onto the system.

I may be forced to the extreme measure of trying to find advice in the videos of YouTube, otherwise the waterproof device is going to turn into another white elephant.

One of my mother induced weaknesses is being exploited by El Periodico which has an offer on cutlery designed by the world renowned restaurateur Ferran AdriĆ  with Xavia Claramunt. At the moment I am the proud owner of a single knife and it looks as though I am going to have to take the paper to get the coupons for the rest of my life if I am to build up a decent canteen! I must admit that I was expecting some sort of short cut where you could pay the money all in one go rather than wait until Christmas to get a couple of place settings!

Christmas is also a time to consider what to do with the holidays. This year there is a generous amount of time available to fritter away money in going to a place in the sun after Christmas Day itself. I rather fancy going to Grand Canaria – if a holiday can be found which is this side of ridiculousness as far as price is concerned!

Meanwhile tomorrow is Monday. Enough said.
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