Friday, November 12, 2010

Books make things better

A long day with a lost free period and half of a supposed “free” lesson gained from examinations lost as well. Together with teaching and the writing of examinations questions it was a relief to go home early as “payment” for my two early starts on the last couple of days.

Our jaunt into town for a Friday evening drink was enlivened by our finding a café which we had not been in before which offered a bocadillo and a drink for €3. I was able to have the unlikely combination of a black pudding sandwich with a glass of champagne! Ah Spain!

As we were in a different part of Castelldefels I was introduced to an organic shop in which I bought some organic goat’s cheese and a book shop in which I bought two expensive but well illustrated and interesting art books.

The sight of the new Ken Follett book made me wonder if they had it in English. Not in the first books shop but apparently in the other shop in the chain. This shop, duly visited, not only produced an expensive copy of the book but also another excellent book on Catalan artists.

I shudder to think how much I have spent on books this evening. Which, of course, is not even remotely true. The three art books that I purchased are exceptional value for money with excellent selections of paintings to compensate for the language that the text is written in! The book on Catalan art gives more information about a whole range of Catalan artists from the classic personalities like Rusiñol, Casas (my personal favourite) and Fortuny to the modern trash like Tàpies. I have spent most of the evening gloating over the substantial pile of books that these hefty tomes comprise.

I have bought the Follett because this massive volume is supposed to mention Cardiff. I have read books for worse reasons!

Tomorrow into Barcelona to have a look at the news photo exhibition prior to taking the media studies group there and perhaps another light splurge of casual spending!

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