Saturday, September 05, 2009

The shades get closer!

A week of half days in school is over and it has left me yearning for the opportunity to teach rather than suffer another incomprehensible meeting or interminable and badly organized computer course!

At least it is now the weekend and time for relaxation. Well, it would be time for relaxation if it wasn’t for the rather indecisive weather we are having. While we were in the pool yesterday evening it actually had the effrontery to rain – not convincingly, but rain nevertheless. I think that the Catalan weather is trying to find that mixture of gloom and grey depression that usually characterizes the start of term in the UK.

There is a certain amount of cloud around but the sunshine does keep popping through – though not enough to tempt one into the pool yet!

As Telefonica decided to deny us an internet connection today I have made the brave decision to try and sort out the top floor. As this is where I am going to do most of my school work and as this is where I am going to find refuge when the presence of yet another programme on football on TV becomes just a tiny bit unsupportable, it is in my interests to get the place ship shape – or at least a space which encourages peace and contemplation rather than despair at the sheer weight of accumulated stuff which I have been unable or unwilling to throw away.

This cluttered space is actually the attic, though it is reached by a set of twisting stairs and a chunk has been taken out of the roof to create a reasonably sized enclosed balcony. A balcony on which, I might add, I have installed a fridge; a table and chairs and a recliner. At the moment there is also a barbecue.

One must have one’s creature comforts!
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