Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Home from home!

Opening boxes of books and having a computer course: how hackneyed a second day of an interminable series of what could easily be (and by two of my friends in the UK have been) called ‘Baker Days.’ I look forward with growing dread the whole tranche of days until the 14th and the return of the kids.

Gradually class lists are emerging. The ones I was given yesterday have already been changed. This is just like old times!

The major part of the day has been taken up with a computer course.

I did not start well as I was in a meeting with the art teacher about our proposed Culture Club (yes, we have heard all the jokes that can be made, thank you!) when the Head of English came into the art room and said that everyone had got the time of the start of the course wrong.

We both sloped in late and sat at the back and used the computers to find cultural events to form the programme of our activities for this subversive organization!

As far as I could gather, the computer course was about some new program which would revolutionize our use of the intranet. Or something.

My interest was not even remotely aroused until I was told that exit from the course to lunch would be impossible until a number of tasks had been completed.

Thus galvanized we lurched into action and managed to produce an animated jigsaw of dancing farm animals. This use of this to the teaching of technical aspects of English to foreigners learning it as a second language is too obvious to need any explanation. Allegedly.

Tomorrow we continue this exciting course. I can hardly wait.

Because we are only working half days at the moment my return home is the excuse to go out to the beach and have a swim in the sea. Don’t worry about the sand I wash it off when I come back to the house, just before I go and have a swim in the pool.

It’s a hard old life!
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