Saturday, April 04, 2015

Holiday - almost


Well, my take on the meditative quality of Holy Week is almost at an end.  I have written the poem for Holy Saturday and that only leaves tomorrow’s Easter Day poem and the sequence (such as it is) is finished – or at least ready for further editing!  You can read what I have written so far at and welcome any and all comments, either on the site or by email to me directly.
It is perhaps significant that the iPhone photo I took of the grotesque corpse lying on the altar of our local church appears to have been rejected by the blog site!  It was the only photo that I have attempted to add and it appeared to have been accepted, but, within a day the picture had become an empty blank square.  I wish I understood how these sites work and why they do what they do.
Or perhaps I don’t!


With our small town overrun by visitors (thank god, that, after all is how the economy of this place survives) getting a meal in a restaurant at the weekend is difficult.  During a holiday is virtually impossible.  That is why we did just that.  After all, if you don’t know where to go when you live in the place it doesn’t really say very much about your native knowledge!
            The answer to our culinary question was my leisure centre!  As the restaurant is still establishing itself, it has only been open as a fully functioning eatery for a matter of weeks, it was still possible to walk in and get a table for two.
            The meal was exceptional – we even had a choice of four different kinds of bread!  Which just about sums up the quality of the meal.  Definitely worth going back.  Again!


As a well-known ‘winter denier’ I am notorious for wearing what Catalans regard as inappropriate clothing in the colder months of the year – which for those of a foreign persuasion is all the year with the exception of the months of June, July and August!
            Now that the weather is getting warmer I am discarding various layers of clothing.  I am now down to T-shirt and shorts and sandals.  And underpants of course, I am a well brought up boy!
            In reality, I suspect that it isn’t quite the time to be so emphatically summery.  But I do like to encourage the seasons where I can, and anyway the cycle ride this morning was acceptable in such skimpy attire, so that means that it is official.

A little Bach for the weekend

I have not had my traditional session of listening to The Saint Matthew Passion during Holy Week.  I usually do this on Good Friday (I remember one Good Friday when I listened through headphones lying on a sunbed in Gran Canaria) but the sight of the ‘visual aid’ on the altar of the church I visited, put music right out of my mind.  Still, there is always tomorrow and it is Easter Sunday, almost as good as Friday!

And there is the essay, of course – and the visit to the UK is approaching with almost indecent haste.  Quite a lot to keep me occupied!

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