Thursday, December 18, 2014

What holiday?

Anti-Christmas Comercialization

The comic opera that is the government of Spain continues, with an impunity that takes the breath away, to cavort across the nation with barely a nod towards what even the most debased would consider the barest moral niceties.  The proven corruption of what appears to be the majority of the government, the continual stream of stories which show the contempt that those in power have towards the people who elected them, the cosy to the point of live-in partners that this joke party has with the major firms in Spain – pointless to go on.  The more financial and power manipulation disgrace comes to light the more the government carries on in its own defiantly corrupt way.
            The latest horror from this bunch of freaks has been a Draconian set of laws which try to ensure that there will be fantastically punitive fines for those who protest, take photos of police abuse, stop the banks repossessing the homes of those that the banks themselves have impoverished – enabled to do that by the use of our money to stay in business.
            Spain, these days, is a cynic’s delight!  Take your pick of the political character, the political party, the firm, the public character and there will be disgrace aplenty to keep your bile duct operating at full strength.
            In Catalonia we have the sad picture of an ex-president, together with his Mafia-like family clan being taken to court for industrial hoovering of cash from his time in public office.  Toni feels personally let down by this traitor as he believed in him and voted for him.  The amount of money that this piece of filth and his equally dirty family has salted away in a variety of foreign banks is so vast as to be in the realms of fantasy.
            A further irony about this Catalan case is that the prosecution is proceeding at a very speedy pace – as opposed to the multitude of cases outstanding which point to the wholesale corruption of the governing party.  This, of course merely boosts the (already gigantic) Catalan sense of persecution by the Spanish state.  Every day that the living joke that parades around as President of this country is a day when yet more Catalan separatists are made.
Still, my poetry is going well – they do say that the arts flourish in difficult times.  If that really is the case then we should be seeing a Renaissance taking place in Spain.  I have yet to see the fruits, except of course in the case of my poems!
            Plans for the next book are well advanced and I have been to the publishers to check that they can do what I want.  All I have to do now is write the poems to put in it.  A minor point!  I am determined that this book is going to be somewhat different to the last ones as I intend to give it a stronger structure than in the last ones.  And that is more difficult than I thought it was going to be.  I’ve tried a draft structure with what I’ve written at the moment and that was hard going.  I am well aware that next year is a bloody sight nearer than the date suggests.  There is always a feeling that January is a long way away, even when it is just around the corner!  However, I have given myself a deadline of the summer to get the content of the book ready and to have it ready for publication for a significant date in October of next year.  That seems like an expansive timetable, but I am acutely aware that time slips away with gathering speed!
            I am now in the midst of writing the next tutor marked assignment for the Open University course and have the delights of an on-line tutorial this evening to look forward to.  The writing has to be submitted by the 8th of January which seems in the far distance, but, and especially during the Christmas period, that distance has a way of becoming illusory.
The part of the holiday period spent away from home in Terrassa will probably be from Christmas Eve to My Name Day – that should both of us enough time to get down to the details of our studies.  Toni has examinations in January, so those are concentrating his mind wonderfully at the moment to the exclusion of more festive thoughts.

            As we are going to have a domestic Christmas meal the food is going to be provided by the participants.  I’m buggered if I am going to make anything so I am getting the booze.  This is far less intimidating for a group of Catalans than it would be for a similar British occasion.  I took the opportunity to go to the little wine shop that I have discovered in Castelldefels and from which I got a truly excellent Cava from a little family winery.  I have taken all of the recommendations from the little man in the shop and have two bottles of white, two bottles of red and two bottles of Cava.  I will probably be the only person in the meal who will be able to give an opinion about all of those.  Not because they will all be too drunk to articulate, but because I will be the only person to sample them all!  There are advantages to having a surrogate Catalan family at times like this!
            I have also bought an interesting bottle of some sort of liqueur that will be an exploration for all of us.  My intention is to get a set of disposable plastic shot glasses and force the rest of the family to sample it.  Wish me luck because I will probably end up necking it for shame’s sake!

            We have bought no presents.  None.  At all.  I am not panicking because all of the presents that we need to buy are for Toni’s family.  They will have bought for us and so we have a moral obligation to get something.  But I am not panicking.  Not at all.  There is plenty of time.  Plenty.  I mean, it’s only the 18th.  Christmas Eve is a week away.  No sweat.

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