Monday, July 01, 2013

Good study . Bad football

I can feel smugly satisfied with what I have done today, Sunday, as part of my OU course.  The groups for the Wiki have been decided and work ought to start straight away.  However, getting a variety of characters across Europe to coincide to produce a complex piece of written work is another problem.

Based on my experience on the last course it is necessary to get going at once so I have taken the bull by the horns and produced a few pages of mechanical information which might help production.  At the moment one other person has actually responded reasonably positively to my posts. 

I have tried to find a twist to the general theme to give extra “sophistication” as demanded by the tutor.  The next few days are critical to the success of the enterprise and if people don’t join in then the two of us who have responded so far can take it further.  A bad sign is that there haven’t been more people posting today as there is a boost on weekends usually and that certainly hasn’t happened today.

On the football front Spain has just missed a penalty and they are languishing three goals to nil against Brazil.  They are playing spectacularly badly and all the fight appears to have gone out of them.  Best not to dwell too closely on what is happening, as none of it seems good.  And I have earache.  And Piqué has just been sent off.  Game over.

Tomorrow, or rather today is the first of July and the first of our guests for the summer will be arriving in little over a week.  It will be interesting to see how the conflicting demands of the OU and visitors work out! 

Though I have a sneaking suspicion that sybaritic will win out over academic!
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