Thursday, February 21, 2013

Music is the answer!

The new CD box set is going down nicely as I plough from Mighty Figure in Music to Mighty Figure in Music as the suicidal motorbike riders weave their enticingly vulnerable dance of death, skittishly almost clipping the cars they pass in their insane dicing with obliteration for the sake of a few gained seconds on the deadly morning motorway. 

I am now (almost) blasé about the lane changing of fellow motorists, as I keep reminding myself that “indication” in this country means “action” not “intention.”  Once that simple apercu is firmly lodged in the driver’s mind you can watch the warp and weft of Spanish driving with a certain degree of detachment.  Not too much, you understand – you always have to be aware that you are the shuttle!

After the glut of the dark stuff on the first day of the extended Chocolate Week, I had to step in and keep the faith by making more chocolates, which were distributed between the two buildings today.  I basically used up all the white I had and made it more palatable by adding nuts and dried fruit and, in some places by creating two-tone chocolates!  All in all a success – though I think that my colleagues are a little mystified at my concentration on chocolate while eating relatively little of it!  Nothing is simple.

We are limping towards the end of another week and our hapless students are looking forward (and yes, I do mean that ironically) to yet another set of examinations – all of which, of course, will have to be marked.  O joy!  And the further joy is that this particular irritation of examinations will spawn vacuous meetings to consolidate the misery of the experience!

I will think about more positive aspects of living.  My latest TMA is due imminently and I need that to get down to work on the next.  This weekend I must finish my reading of Hard Times and begin to draft out the basis of my essay.  I had hoped that the last assignment could be participation on the novel forum, but the participation of my fellow students has been particularly laggard and so there is little opportunity to do much responding if the initial material is not there.  But I will soldier on and hope for the best – or at least a little more academic chatter!

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