Sunday, January 27, 2013

What else is there but marking?

A paraphrase of Henry Reed’s most famous line came back to me today when the pile of marking seemed to threaten to overwhelm, “Today, today we have marking of scripts”.

I have just looked it up to re-read “Naming of Parts” and as an added bonus for my interest discovered a recording of Dylan Thomas reciting the poem.  His attempted common accent for the gun demonstrator emphasised the fragility of his own and his wayward emphasis added to the comedy of the piece.  It is surely one of the best poems to come out of World War II and, while I can stumble my way through many poems from World War I, “Naming of Parts” is the only one of the later war that sticks in my memory with complete lines resounding there.

At least the marking is done; only the irritation of transferring the marks to the computer is left to do and then probably putting those marks somewhere else as a stage in the pointlessly endless pilgrimage of assessment leaving behind a litter of numerical offerings like votive candles at various electronic shrines (and having just about the same effectiveness) that the School on the Hill regards as
course, while I am preparing for my second tutor marked assignment.  As this one is creative writing it should play to my strength while my two efforts as a result of the Internet tutorial are now receiving comments from the rest of the tutor group

Ah well, count the months; this all must have a stop – and the week before the end of June is when I bow to my final juvenile audience!

At the end of this month Toni starts his “orientation” for his IT and I will have sent off my next assignment.

And tomorrow the rest of my classes sit yet more examinations.

And it’s a full day!  Just one damn thing after another!
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