Thursday, March 03, 2011

Where is the sun?

Unrelenting wetness.

It has been raining or threatening to rain for an unconscionable length of time now and I am fed up with it.  It rained last night; it rained for most of the day, and it threatens to rain tomorrow.

This is a bad thing.

Quite apart from the fact that I thought that I had some sort of arrangement with god that it would rain on the Pyrenees and not, emphatically not where I live!
The poor weather is bad news for the “Carnival” which should take place tomorrow afternoon in our school.  This comprises the pupils dressed in an unconvincing variety of costumes wandering about from place to place in the playground participating in a variety of educationally improving activities for House Points.

And this on my “short” afternoon when I should have the last afternoon off for my early starts this week.  Unfortunately I will be working later than usual and going to a meeting.  I feel that I cannot emphasise enough the humanitarian disaster that having a meeting after school on a Friday actually is.  This is so far from what would be tolerated in any school in the country of my birth that it would be comical were it not that I have to go to the meeting.

The long weekend that follows it is hardly compensation for the lack of professional respect that would follow my ex-colleagues finding out that I had so far swallowed my vocational pride as to go to an end of week gathering to discuss mere pupil progress!

Fiasco Week starts on Monday with the pupils dispersed to all points of the compass and we precious few left to hold the fort in Barcelona and work 9-1. There is still no timetable for what we are going to do during this week and I fear for the worst!  Things have been put off, left to be done “during the week” - and that means that things are going to be allocated on an ad hoc basis.  In the stumbling way of things, it probably means that everything will get done - but with the maximum amount of stress.

I think the next week is going to be frustrating – and the Easter holidays still seems a very long way off!
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