Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Delayed delight

First things first: a good night’s sleep!  That is something which my technicolour cough has been working against, so I look forward to rapid improvement.

Secondly: the sun is out in a hazy sky but still the glare on the ceramic tiles of the balcony in the old building is proof of its strength.  Long may it continue.

And just as things are going well there is always forgetfulness to make it better!

I ran downstairs from my 2BXT class to go to my 3ESO, calling in to the staff room to pick up the necessary books and I was on my way out when a colleague laconically asked me if I was mad!  It had completely slipped my mind that the class (our equivalent of Year 9) had gone out on a trip and I had a free period.  A free period all the more enjoyable when “unexpected”!

And what did I do to celebrate this forgotten freedom?  Wrote part of an examination paper for the pupils who were on the trip.  There is a sort of irony that works in schools that never lets you down!

Part of the mysterious way in which my school works pertains to the length of the “terms” for certain classes we take.  Simple logic would dictate that, as there are three terms in a year and three groups to teach, each group would be taught for a term.  But simple logic doesn’t obtain here.  The present term might have ended today, or maybe next week.  Who knows?  Probably the kids do.  They always know about these things in spite of the fact that their teachers may well be in the dark!  This teacher certainly is!

The exact date of the next classes is important as in two of them there are special booklets that will have to be produced.  In a welcome return to the good old days of booklet covers designed by c. Praetorious 2011 the tried and tested techniques of photocopy-rip-collage are at large again.  The cover for Current Affairs is done and dusted; the cover for Making Sense of Modern Art is done and awaiting discussions about content before it is put into production.  The cover for Media Studies is only a thought in the mind of god at the moment, but it may be the first entirely computer designed cover that the c. Praetorious 2011 workshop has turned out.

The amount of time and trouble to produce these things is totally out of proportion to their use – but they are one thing that gives me pleasure and a sense of creativity. I find it very difficult to be creative about Mixed Conditionals, especially when I hardly know what they are myself when I have to describe them in precise grammatical terms!

English Grammar is truly a deadly discipline.  Some parts that we teach truly do defy logic.  If you are used to a fairly ordered Latinate language the lackadaisical attitude to grammar in English must be either frustrating or exhilarating! 

I know which adjective best fits my attitude!

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