Sunday, June 21, 2009

End in sight?

A minor lie in and then to work.

Apart from a spectacularly fine lunch at a local restaurant today has been one to put down to the horrors of moving.

The room with the obvious mould has now been ‘painted.’ I put the word in inverted commas because quarter of the way through Toni retired to the sofa ill. My paintings skills are not well developed and when the painting in questions is white on white then my precision goes down a few notches. The hard light of a new day will reveal the unpainted gaps and a, no doubt, revivified Toni will pleasantly point out the lapses in my professional paint application!

The count-down to the move has now truly begun with Friday being the contract signing day and the delivery of shed loads of money in cash to the estate agents. This should give us the opportunity to make final decisions about how to manage the move the next day.

For me the only important questions concern the books. Where will the library be and when can we start making more bookcases so that the Bluspace Thousands can be liberated and brought together in clear view for the first time in three years!

Toni’s priorities are a little different, and are concerned with practical rather than literary issues. Just as well really!

One real fear of mine concerns Margaret Thatcher. I am worried about her health. I do hope that she does not have the bad grace to die before I get to the new house and have an opportunity to unpack. Her representation in the form of a candle that I have vowed to burn to mark her long delayed passing is somewhere in the middle of the island of boxes that are rapidly taking over the living room. I have marked the box ‘Thatcher’ to aid discovery, but it will mean tunneling into the centre of the island to find it.

This is the only time in my life that I find myself wishing Thatcher ‘good’ health, until Saturday afternoon and then Eternal Justice can take its course.

What is it with me and watches? My powers of resistance when the sellers of these little objects of desire come along are minimal. In spite of the fact that I am constantly disappointed by the performance of my various timepieces, all of which fall far short of the utter dependability of Swatch, I still fall victim to the glint of a fetching watch face. As today was the first day of summer and the day glorious I celebrated by buying a ‘Breitling’ at a special price because I was an ‘amigo’ of the seller. I am still waiting to give back the last watch I bought from him as its waterproof capabilities were not up to the application of water! I never learn.

Tomorrow is an opera, ‘Salome’ form which I am probably not in the mood. It will be a test of the production to see if it can lift me from a morbid dwelling on the avariciousness of the Owner and take me to a more elevated place where I can contemplate one of the more interesting of the deadly sins! Given what the Owner is likely to do I will soon be committing one or two of the more antagonistic ones myself soon!

Meanwhile tranquility. Of sorts.
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